Charlie Cummings, Head Brewer

David Kushner, people person,The Glue

Brittany Lajole, jack of all trades. Manager

Joel Prickett, beer scientist, Chief of Operations


Awesome beer and awesome coffee. All exclusive to Somerville and Bow Market.


There may be a bit of kismet in Remnant Brewery's beginnings. All industry vets of the
craft beer, coffee, and restaurant world, Charlie, Dave, Brittany, and Joel all met, like a lot
of people do, over a drink to talk about starting a business together. At the time, Charlie and Dave
were working together in a taproom. Brittany was running coffee programs around the city.
And Charlie was amassing a following for brewing beers that people love to drink.
Their paths had all crossed at some point or another in the past decade and Bow Market
presented a unique opportunity for them all to join. When we first talked about opening,
we each saw a role, Dave explained. A lot of times people start a brewery and see themselves in
an equivalent role, which can become complicated. Because we have a different perspective on what
we're doing — taproom, brewery, coffee program — it's much easier to delineate tasks and give
people freedom. We're all happy to let people make their own decisions. To the casual observer,
it seems like it all happened seamlessly, but Joel remembers sweeping floors and spit balling pipe dreams. Conversations about this go way back. We talked about who the head brewer would be,
how big it would be, who would run what. Over years, the answers formed into this.
Call it fate, hard work, some of both. We know we're lucky to have them.


We've seen Bow Market grow from its infancy and we've grown along with it.
When we heard there would be space big enough for a brewery, we went from consulting on
other people's ideas to finding funding for this one. It's the perfect location for us because
it's embedded in a community. We'll be learning and growing alongside all of these other people
starting their own businesses and thinking creatively about how to collaborate.