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Ali Horeanopoulos, designer


Art, home goods, accessories. Lots of one-of-a-kind gifts.


W - Fri: 12p-7p;    Sat: 11a-7p; Sun: 11a-5p


I’ve always been interested in sustainability and creating and designing things
I’ve never seen before. The name 9000 Things is a nod to the breadth of things I make.
I’m constantly inspired by found materials—from old wall paper to reclaimed wood
and found industrial objects—so what’s in store depends greatly on what
my brain gravitates toward. From fair trade jewelry to original artwork, each
product is unique and made with heart. Much of my work is inspired by place,
from various communities that I’ve called home, to my love of travel and the daily experience
of living in a large and busy city. I walk and bike through the Somerville and Boston every day,
so you’ll notice familiar hometown elements, like skylines and bridges,
in the pieces at the 9000 Things shop.


I’ve been sharing my work at SoWa, The Somerville Flea, and other local markets and pop-ups
for 4 years. I’ve met many people who have become friends, and customers who have become collectors.
This is only possible when there’s a hyper-local focus and you have time to develop relationships
with your neighbors. Last year I started looking for a permanent space in Somerville, where I live and work.
Bow Market is appealing to me because it is a communal space with amazing energy and wonderful people.
The group of vendors has similar goals and small business values. We’re not boring big box retailers-
we’re folks from the community sharing the things we’re passionate about.


In Season Food Shop and K Moe’s colorful work :)


To learn more about 9000 Things or to connect with Ali, visit her Facebook page.


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