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Renata Goncalves, brow artist


Eyebrow shaping with caliper ruler measurements and facial waxing.


T - Th: 1p - 8p;    F: 10a - 5p;    Sat: 9a - 5p
Walk in hours posted on insta: @browsbyrenata


I’ve always been into beauty. Since I was 4, my mom says I would tie my own hair and paint
my own nails. While in college, I asked my aunt in Brazil to teach me how to shape eyebrows when
I went to visit. I’d come home after the summer and practice on my friends. It was just a hobby then,
but I knew I wanted to work for myself, so I got my degree in management from UMass Boston and went
to beauty school soon after. I found a job in Everett after I graduated, and I’ve been working there, building a
client base since. Even though I was born in Brazil, I’ve been living in Somerville since 2002.
It’s always been a dream to live and work in the same place. This is my chance.


My mom left Scout Somerville for me on the kitchen counter, and when I saw it, it just clicked. The community aspect stuck out to me the most, because I generally work on my own. Being at Bow Market will connect me and my clients with more small business owners who do amazing work. I think it’ll be a little hidden gem to start, and then grow into something the whole community loves. 


Jewelry from Filomena Demarco


To learn more about brows by Renata or to get in touch with her, visit her website.