Sebastian Galvez (Chef & Co-Founder) & Melissa Stefanini (Not Chef & Co-Founder)


All sorts of South American goodness you can eat on the spot or take home to use in your own recipes. Think: take-n-bake empanadas, pastry dough to make empanadas (and other stuff), and sauces you can use for everything from roasting chicken and salmon, to toppings and oysters.


M - T: 7p - 10p;    Th - Sat: 11a - 10p;    Sun: 11a - 7p


Sebastian and Melissa met in Miami at the tail end of 2008. Soon after, (*~true love montage~*) they moved to Los Angeles together. In LA, they were surrounded by the absolute best in Mexican cuisine but couldn't find much by way of the flavors they grew up enjoying. So they did what any good 1st Gen USA-ans would do—they stole their families' recipes and started making food. Empanadas, to be exact. Everyone loved them, and that first batch of empanadas shared with co-workers and friends snowballed into what everyone knows today as Buenas—a line of South American-inspired specialty goods you can use in your own kitchen every day.


We've been hustling toward the day we could open our own small storefront, and
Bow Market showed up with the space of our dreams. The fact that we get to do this alongside
a whole bunch of other rad vendors is the cherry on top.


Looking for sweet and savory? Pair our empanadas with macarons from Tamy at Maca. Having a flight at Remnant? Double down on dumplings and pair your empanadas with pierogi from the Sisters Jaju a few doors down. And of course, don’t forget emps travel well; with no need for fork-and-knifing it, they’re the perfect window shopping food—so go check out all the amazing retailers upstairs with a bag of Buenas empanadas in tow.


To learn more about Buenas or to get in touch with Sebastian and Melissa, visit their website.

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