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Summer Solstice Salon

  • Canopy Room, Bow Market 1 Bow Market Way, #32 Somerville, MA 02143 (map)


Tired of rushing around? Making small talk, feeling like you have to be something you aren't, and playing small? You aren't alone in wanting intentionality, meaningful connection and community!

Step outside ordinary space into sacred slow space.

As we approach the summer solstice please join us for a special gathering to celebrate YOU.

In the Yogic tradition the Summer Solstice marks the transition into a time for inner practice and purification. The 6 months following the Summer Solstice are a potent time energetically for nurturing the seeds we hope will blossom. This requires clarity and alignment between vision and action- this is what our evening will focus on.

We'll meet in the gorgeous Canopy Room for a special extended Solstice Salon. You can expect laughter, tears, warmth, release, connection, new friends and new ways to look at yourself and life.

Come to Center Salons are an invitation into deeper authenticity and connection with yourself and others. Slowing down catalyzes creativity, connection and curiosity, it sparks alchemy within and between us. We'll take our time, get real and practice relating from our center- that place in you that is good, strong, whole and free.

Together in this safe container we'll explore:

* Slowing down- speaking, listening and connecting with intentionality.
* Where we are in our lives, how we've been shaped by the last 6 months.
* Which beliefs, behaviors, identities do I need to mourn and release?
* What gifts do I want to celebrate and nurture?
* What newness wants to emerge and be created through me?
* The intentional actions aligned with our values that will support my journey..

We'll use a mix of movement, meditation, ritual, social games, paired exercises, creative expression in circle and in pairs to share our truth, heart and power in supportive community.

Space is limited to facilitate depth and spots tend to run out. So please reserve your spot now if you are interested.

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A mentor, mirror and modern mystic, Ishita is dedicated to living and facilitating personal, professional and spiritual growth via her practice Come to Center.

She coaches individual clients, consults in businesses and facilitates workshops that foster conscious transformation around the world.

Her mission is to nurture a world where we know and live from our center. A mirror to your truth, beauty and power, she stands with and for your freedom.