Tucker Gaccione, Owner


Succulents, cacti, air plants, exotic plants, ethically sourced butterflies, crystals, gems, fossils and pretty much anything extraordinary Mother Nature creates.


Th: 1p-6p;    F: 12p-8p;    Sat: 11a-8p;    Sun: 11a-5p  


Two years ago I was completing my third year at Northeastern University, and was completely burnt out by the seemingly 12-month schedule Northeastern keeps its students on. After finishing my first co-op at a dental startup, I decided I needed to make an adjustment to regain a bit of my sanity. This led to a relaxing summer living back home and working on crafts, selling them at local flea markets just to make a few bucks. It was there that I met a fellow vendor selling succulents, and after a few weeks of setting up next to her booth, I was hooked to say the least!
I immediately decided to bring my newfound passion back to Boston, where for 18 months I bounced around to nearly every outdoor market in the area, constantly bringing in new products as I went. Soon what started as a summer hobby quickly morphed into a full time job importing products from around the world and learning how to be a florist-on-the-fly. 


I was attracted to Bow pretty much instantly after I was approached about the opportunity to open up shop. The idea of opening a storefront was always the goal once I moved into the retail world, but it was important to find the right fit. At Bow, while I will be operating my own space, I will still be part of a larger network of other artisans and small business owners, which is one of my favorite things about being a vendor at outdoor markets. I am also excited to establish roots in the Somerville community, and grow with Bow from the very beginning.


Every urban jungle needs some chill tunes to complete the Zen vibes. Pick up some vinyl at Index!


To learn more about Happy Cactus or to get in touch with Tucker, email him here.