Ania and Mike

Also known as the team behind Bay Village's beloved Mike & Patty's.


North Shore roast beef, South Shore bar pizza.


M - Th: 5p - 10p;    F: 5p - 11p;    Sat: 9a - 11p;    Sun: 9a - 9p


At Hot Box, like at Mike & Patty's, you'll find classic, local food. Cooked with pride. 

We (Ania and Mike) are from the North Shore (Salem and Lynn). If you know anything about those places, or you've been out there drinking or looking for food, you've probably eaten roast beef—thinly sliced, served pretty rare with a very specific type of BBQ, mayo, and cheese. It's a soft mess on a bulky roll. It's heaven. Talk to people from Salem, Lynn, Revere, or Everett and they'll know what we're talking about. 

Then there is the South Shore. Down there, the go-to is South Shore bar pizza — crispy, individually sized pizza that's unique to the area.

Even though our allegiances are split, for us, it's all comfort food—the stuff we ate as kids, throughout high school, that's known within our respective communities as a staple. That said, there aren't many places to find either dish in the city. Hence, our plan: bring it to the people. 


We saw Bow Market as an opportunity to expand and explore a new concept. We spent a lot of time in Portland, Oregon and other cities that have these types of markets, but this is really the first of its kind here in Boston. It's a place where the mom-and-pop type business can open alongside other awesome folks, right in the neighborhood. 


A beer from Remnant, wine from Rebel Rebel. Finish a meal with macas, or add another course with pierogis or emps. Really, it goes good with everything. Our food is an equal opportunity collaborator.