Karole Moe and Karen Baker, creative force and business mind, respectively.


Our space will be part design studio, part cash-and-carry retail. Similar to our store in Provincetown, we’ll sell art, leather, and lighting. Some pieces will be offered consistently, others will be one-of-a-kind, like the vintage headlight of a 1920s car. We do custom commissions and made-to-order requests as well.


Currently closed.


Our roots run deep in the design industry—from Crate & Barrel to Mohr & McPherson. This store is a chance for us to focus on where we’ve had the most fun: creating art that is accessible and selling it ourselves. Back in the day, we’d host parties and gift our creations to our guests because we believe art should have a home—that if it’s made with love, it will return the favor.  

kmoe will provide the Bow Market community with an entrée into all kinds of design. Whether it’s a leather cuff, a painting, or a reinterpretation of an old fixture, we offer eclectic and stylish pieces that will surprise you. For us, half the fun comes in creating, and the other half comes in matching amazing people with fascinating pieces — that’s an art in and of itself.  

kmoe is a place where you’ll find the time, space, and imagination to discover something that speaks to you. Come have a conversation.


Right time, right place, right vibe.


Any of our fellow fashion and home décor retailers.


To learn more about kmoe or to get in touch with Karole and Karen, email them here.