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Chin Kuo, Renee Eliah, and Tanya Walker, friends and co-owners


Vegetarian versions of everything that made Saus Boston popular. Our award-winning fries, poutine and dipping "saus"es, as well as vegetarian versions of our sandwiches and salads. We'll also be adding grain bowls to our repertoire. Everything on our menu will be condiment driven and scratch-made. If we don't make it from scratch (like our bread), someone else local does. 


W-Sat: 11:30a-10p; Sun: 11:30a-8p


Chin, Renee and Tanya all met while still in college at an internship. A friendship based on food was born. When the 2008 recession hit and they lost their post-grad jobs, they decided not to pursue traditional careers and instead pursue their dreams to open a french fry shop featuring homemade dipping sauces. Saus Boston opened in March of 2011. The three slowly added to their menu and evolved with their customers. After being open for 7 + years, the three are ready for the next step. 


Bow Market immediately seemed like the most perfect fit. Chin, Renee and Tanya had all been implementing more plant-based diets into their own lifestyles, so when an opportunity arose to create a menu catering to that, they jumped at it. A vegetarian menu seems like a great fit for Union Square. Not to mention the added bonus of being surrounded by really cool neighbors, all pursing their own unique dreams. 


After you've filled your bellies at Saus, satisfy your soul with the sassy cards at Calliope


To learn more about Saus or to get in touch with Chin, Renee, and Tanya, send them an email.