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Worker cooperative Olio Culinary Collective


Ellie Tiglao, concept, food & beverage
Kyisha Davenport, beverage


• Narrative-focused dinner events

• Filipino American cuisine

- Kamayan banana-leaf dinners every Wednesday

- Filipino American bar food

• Filipino-inspired cocktails

(Learn more about each experience and make reservations here.)


As a worker cooperative, Olio has used its strong roots in community organizing to build a business that lives up to its principles of workplace democracy, sustainable sourcing and true living wage jobs. This undertaking is their first restaurant, with Ellie as lead on this project.

Ellie’s concept of Filipino American cuisine and storytelling began as a pop-up venture with her brother called Pamangan, which means ‘something to eat’ in her dialect. Since 2014, the concept has been refined and their brick and mortar at Bow Market presents both a unique community experience and an opportunity for Filipino American food and cocktails in the Greater Boston area.

With Tanám, Ellie seeks to harness the storytelling power of food and media to draw guests into historical, cultural, personal and often political narratives. On the patio, Tanám will offer a la carte food options and cocktails.


We see Bow Market as a place to build community with other small business owners and to be a resource to others within the Market, Somerville and beyond.

To learn more about Tanám or get in touch with their team, visit their website.

Photo credit:  Rita Tinega  (above + header image),  Chris McIntosh  (both images below)

Photo credit: Rita Tinega (above + header image), Chris McIntosh (both images below)