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Sandra Rossi, Owner/Merchant


We Thieves is a lifestyle retailer featuring curated vintage fashion, global and artisanal finds, and emerging designers with a modern, bohemian, post-punk edge.


T - F: 12p-7p;    Sat: 11a-7p;    Sun: 11-5p


I grew up internationally, in a house filled with global art, antiques, and collections from all over the world. My dad was a US diplomat, first-generation Italian, born and raised in Brooklyn, and my mom is from Ecuador. A product of the Mad Men era, my dad's New York City style and high level of taste combined with my mother's bold sense of style to leave an indelible mark on me. 

I spent 20 years in retail climbing the corporate ladder of branding and merchandising, always dreaming of having my own store. Finally in 2015, exhausted by the constant creation of new, the predictability and lack of intention of mass-produced products, and the grind of chasing a career around the country, I resigned. 

In 2016, I started experimenting at different pop-up markets while still consulting, and in 2017 I committed to a permanent home in SOWA Vintage. I tested out collections and created a space where customers could find me regularly. After six months building a loyal following at SOWA, and gaining great repeat and word of mouth business, I knew I was on to something. I looked at my numbers and knew it was time for a permanent home where I could take my concept to the next level. 


I kept an eye on Somerville for almost a year, knowing that it would be the prime spot for me. It is home to a demographic and psychographic whose values align with the brand and business. It also allows me to be alongside like-minded entrepreneurs seeking to evolve their businesses and brands. We can't do it alone; we need to draft off each other in order to succeed.

Finally, I chose Bow Market because their vision is in line with mine. We both intend to shift the paradigm of traditional retail on its head and create a space that is conducive to experimentation, incubation, and development. 


Blue Bandana Relics — Keith's masculine vibe is the perfect companion to the feminine energy found in my store.

Adelante Shoes — The clash of old and new is perfect for personal style.

Filomena Dimarco — Her bohemian and bold jewelry is a perfect match for the We Thieves customer.


To learn more about We Thieves or to get in touch with Sandra, visit her website.